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Online Casino and Online Gambling in Britain

According to the UK Gambling Commission, the latest figures for the number of adult gaming centres, or AGC, and the number of gaming machines in the UK has continued to fall. In March, 2012, there were 547 AGC licences and 213 family entertainment centre, or FEC, licences, which were held by 532 operators. The figure of the total of AGC premises stood at 2,247. As of the last of September, 2015, there were 495 AGC licences, while FEC licences stood at 158, while the total number of AGC premises 1,475.

Since 2011, the average number of AGC has fallen by 16 percent. These machines are classified under machine categories B3, B4, C and D. As of January 2014, a category B3 machine has a minimum stake of £2, with a maximum prize of £500. These are available in bingo premises, Adult gaming centres, large and small casinos, Pre-2005 Act casino and regional casinos, betting premises, and tracks occupied by pool betting.

Category B4 machines have a minimum stake of £2, with a maximum prize of £400. These are available in members’ clubs or miners’ welfare clubs, as well as commercial clubs, and all of the venues which fall under category B3.

Category C machines have a minimum stake of £1, with a maximum prize of £100. These are available in family entertainment centres with Commission operating licence. There can also be found in qualifying alcohol licensed premises – without additional gaming machine permits being required. Category C machines are available in qualifying alcohol licensed premises – with additional LA gaming machine permit, and also in all the venues which fall under category B4.

Category D machines can be either money, or non-money prized. The minimum stake varies between 10p to a £1. The non-money prize machines can be either the crane-grab type, or other than crane grab type. The maximum prize which these machines are licensed to pay out varies between £5 and £50. These machines can be found in travelling fairs, unlicensed (permit) FECs, as well as all the venues which fall under category B4.

The gross gaming yield generated by machines in the adult gaming centre sector is recorded to be £303.63 million in between April 2014 and March 2015. However, the value generated between April 2010 and March 2011 was that of £315.88 million. This shows a dip in value when compared.

In between April 2014 and March 2015, the average total of licensed family entertaining centre machines, categories C and D, was 25,115. This clearly shows it went down from the 29,489 figure of five years earlier. The gross gaming yield went down over this five-year period, at £68.03 million, but was higher than a year earlier, at £67.18 million. Figures recently released, helped to put into perspective how much is spend gambling online by the British population. These statistics include five months’ worth of data, from November 2014 to March 2015, about customers in Britain, gathered by the Gambling Commission, from all online facility operators.

£ 1.45 billion was the total gross gaming revenue for the remote sector. This includes key online market figures per sector for the UK customers. This total is divided between betting, which amounts to £472.7 million, betting exchange, which amounts to £55.66 million, Bingo at £82.62 million, Casino being £834.25 million, while pool betting’s total is £6.26 million.

With reference to online betting gross gaming yield, football leads the way with £168.44 million, which is followed by dogs with £9.26 million, and cricket, with £4.79 million. Online casino gross gaming yield had slots at the very top, with £532.54 million, followed by table games, at £140.34, then card games at £67.70.

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